Posted By: Graham Ostle

On the 16th of December 2014

Biasi BoilerMag Filter Launched

Biasi BoilerMag Filter Launched

Biasi have teamed up with BoilerMag, the magnetic filters experts to launch their own brand of magnetic filters.

Eclipse Magnetics have over 100 years manufacturing excellence in the production of quality, high performance magnets.

Graham Ostle, Sales Director of Biasi UK said: 'It was important for us to team up with a leader in the magnetic filters industry and to identify a product that is high in quality and performance to match and enhance the performance of our boiler range in the UK market. We had no hesitation in working with the excellent team at eclipse magnetics and the BoilerMag brand to add such a great product to our portfolio.'

The Biasi BoilerMag filter boasts a 25% bigger magnet than other leading brands and market leading extraction rates including extraction of non magnetic substances.

The Biasi BoilerMag is quick and easy to install, has dual flow technology and a patented magnetic circuit that does not block even when the magnet is fully loaded with contamination. The Biasi BoilerMag filter also has high quality isolation valves included, an Air vent/dosing point, adjustable collar which allows 360 degree pipe orientation, a drain valve and fits 22mm pipework. All the installer needs to fit and install the magnetic filter is in the box.

Further details can be found HERE

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