Posted By: Darren Edwards

On the 13th of June 2018

Installer Techincal Evening

Installer Techincal Evening

June the 14th technical evening event with Walter Tipper in The Angel sports bar and restaurant was a great success with roughly 25 installers and 4 Tippers Plumbing and Heating staff.

Around 60% of these installers had already attending our ProFit training course and were able to inform other installers just how great our boilers are especially our new Advance model.

Our training manager, Mike, did an overview to our non Pro-Fit installers and our already existing ProFit installers on our current product range and invited all to attend our training centre if/when needed.

The non Pro-Fit installers were very impressed with how great our product is as well as the input from our already existing installers and also agreed that they would like to attend training of some kind!