Posted By: Mike Hook

On the 14th of November 2014

Resolving the Issue of a Water Meter

Manufacturers of boilers and other mains water handling equipment and fittings in the heating and plumbing industry have noticed in recent times an increase in the number of incidents where a boiler/fitting/pipe etc has suffered distress or damage as a result of mains water pressure or water hammer.

It has come to light that this can be as a result and subsequent to the installation of an internally installed mains water meter that incorporates a non return valve.

Traditionally water expansion in the domestic hot water system on combi boilers is accommodated via the mains cold feed supply but in instances with a non return valve no facilitation is available and an increase in the system pressure can occur and result in component or product damage.

The level of damage can vary from a simple domestic flow switch turbine crushing or fracturing through to pipes or fitting blowing apart, in some instances the property can receive water damage.

Most domestic boilers are tested up to at least 10 bar working pressure but this can be very much exceeded in this situation and additional prevention measures need to be included in the installation to avoid such problems.

Biasi have introduced to our accessory range the mini shock arrestor kit to help combat this issue easily and inexpensively. The small footprint 15mm compression kit can be installed into the boilers cold feed pipe in a few minutes and will help to absorb the increase of pressure in the domestic hot water and cold feed pipe protecting the boiler, its associated fittings, pipework and ultimately preventing any potential property damage. The kit is WRAS approved and available through your local Biasi stockist, item No. BI9999999