Welcome To The Homeowners Section

At Biasi we understand what the homeowner is looking for. We have a wide range of products that generate comfort in your home. From the simplicity of the Riva Plus, to the state of the art Inovia, we have a range of boilers that suit any domestic installation requirement, built by our own company in Italy.

We know that reliability is important, thats why we test every boiler before it leaves our production line and include a copy of the results in your guarantee pack. We use quality Italian components that are built to last from some of the best known Italian suppliers that you can find in premium brand products.

We offer stylish radiators and towel rails in a wide range of sizes and outputs, sourced from quality manufacturers. We also offer the highest quality unvented cylinders on the market.

Here you will find everything you need. Our top recommended products, help with finding the right heating system for your home, finding a stockist of our product and someone to install it.

We also have a large FAQ area if you are looking for answers to the common questions asked on a wide variety of subjects and products at Biasi, and a helpful product video section. If you cant find what you are looking for then you can use our contact us page and we will be happy to help.

Top Products

  • Multipoint Water Heater

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  • Basica Cond

    24KW 28KW & 32KW Models,Free Fittings Pack,Flow Rates up to 12.9 Ltr/Min,Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger,Plastic Free Hydraulic Block,Plastic Free Packaging,Built-in Frost Protection,Self-Diagnostics,Weather Compensation,Anti-Seizure Routine

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  • Rinnova Adaptive

    25KW 30KW & 35KW,Free Fittings Pack,Gas Adaptive Technology,Flow Rates up to 17 Ltr/Min,Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger,Connect to Biasi I Control System via the Biasi App,Plastic Free Hydraulic Section,Plastic Free Packaging,Built-in Frost Protection

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  • Advance Combi Boiler

    Single coil stainless steel heat exchanger,Visible pressure gauge,5 year guarantee,Optional switchable mechanical clock,Weather compensation,Up to 13.3l/min

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  • Advance Plus 7 Combi ERP

    25KW 30KW & 35KW Models,Free Fittings Pack & Filling Loop,Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger,Compact Dimensions,Optional 24hr Mechanical Clock,Flow Rates up to 15.6 Ltr/Min,LPG Convertable,Built-in Frost Protection,Self-Diagnostics,Component Anti-Seizure Rou

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