Looking for the right boiler for your home?

A Combination boiler, also known as a combi, incorporates a high efficiency water heater with a central heating boiler in one compact unit, so there's no need for a separate hot water cylinder, which saves space and keeps installation costs down. Consideration should be made when choosing a combi on how many people would be using the hot water at one time. No matter what make you choose, any combi without stored water will struggle to achieve good flow rates when two or more taps are being run at the same time. In these instances, we would recommend using our system boiler linked to an unvented cylinder.

The Bigger the Better

The high output boilers are designed to deliver as much hot water as possible but we understand this amount of power is not required for the heating system. That's why all Biasi Boilers can be range rated to suite your system, so a 35kw combi can give you 15.6Ltr/min of hot water but have the heating set to as low as 9.2kw meaning your heating will remain working efficiently.

The Best of Both Worlds

Biasi combi boilers can be linked with an unvented cylinder, so if you are looking for flexibility, why not let the combi run your everyday shower and have the back up of stored water, which can be turned on when required for guest bathrooms or returning teenagers!

Our handy tool will help. Answer the few short questions below and the recommended products for your home will show. As always we recommend you speak to an installer before purchasing, as the size of the boiler can depend on a number of factors. This tool should only be used as a guide. If you have any questions please contact us. Alternatively if you are looking for an installer to help with your decision, please see our find an installer page.