At Biasi, we have managed to grow our merchant customer base over the last 20 plus years, dealing direct with many blue chip companies.

These companies have seen some good growth having worked with us, be that with boilers, radiators, towel rails or unvented cylinders.

If you are looking for a true partner then you should be speaking to us. At Biasi we know what it takes to make your business a success. We care, offer flexible deliveries, sales support, direct communication with senior management, direct contact with all departments. We have a team of experienced staff totalling over 150 years of service with Biasi and can offer excellent products at very competitive prices. It’s an old saying but it's still true for us, we are big enough to cope but we are small enough to care.

This part of our site is dedicated to creating and cementing that partnership. You can apply for an account, request sales literature, use existing marketing material in our marketing log and contact your local area manager to see what else Biasi can bring to your business.

Top Products

  • Multipoint Water Heater

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  • Basica Cond

    24KW 28KW & 32KW Models,Free Fittings Pack,Flow Rates up to 12.9 Ltr/Min,Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger,Plastic Free Hydraulic Block,Plastic Free Packaging,Built-in Frost Protection,Self-Diagnostics,Weather Compensation,Anti-Seizure Routine

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  • Rinnova Adaptive

    25KW 30KW & 35KW,Free Fittings Pack,Gas Adaptive Technology,Flow Rates up to 17 Ltr/Min,Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger,Connect to Biasi I Control System via the Biasi App,Plastic Free Hydraulic Section,Plastic Free Packaging,Built-in Frost Protection

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  • Advance Combi Boiler

    Single coil stainless steel heat exchanger,Visible pressure gauge,5 year guarantee,Optional switchable mechanical clock,Weather compensation,Up to 13.3l/min

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  • Boiler Flue Accessories

    Horizontal Flue Systems,Vertical Flue Systems,Twin Flue Systems,Plume Management Systems

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  • Advance Plus 7 Combi ERP

    25KW 30KW & 35KW Models,Free Fittings Pack & Filling Loop,Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger,Compact Dimensions,Optional 24hr Mechanical Clock,Flow Rates up to 15.6 Ltr/Min,LPG Convertable,Built-in Frost Protection,Self-Diagnostics,Component Anti-Seizure Rou

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