Posted By: Graham Ostle

On the 5th of March 2018

Biasi Advance Boiler Launch

Biasi Advance Boiler Launch

We are delighted to present our new range of high efficiency combi and system boilers.

The new Advance range of boilers have been developed to replace the popular Riva Plus range of boilers, with a focus on efficiency, reliability and ease of installation.

The range comes in 25KW, 30KW, 35KW combi's and 25KW, 30KW system versions.

The whole range comes with a full 5 year guarantee covering parts and labour subject to terms and conditions.

This guarantee becomes 6 years when the boiler is installed by one of our ProFit registered installers.

One of the main features of the new range is the impressive single coil stainless steel heat exchanger. The single coil oval section allows the system water to flow freely through the heat exchanger preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris, making the Advance the perfect choice for replacing an existing boiler.

We have also reintroduced a visible pressure gauge. Simplistic controls including an optional switchable mechanical clock mean the Advance is perfect for those looking for ease of operation and installation.

The Advance also has the ability to install all the latest smart controls and smart thermostats. It comes with a built in weather compensation feature when using an optional external probe this allows the boiler to react to the outside temperature, giving you a boost when you need it most and saving you extra money when you don't.

For those looking for maximum efficiency, the Biasi Advance can be installed with our BiasiStat which has self learning load compensating thermostat features which can add around 6% extra efficiency when used with our weather compensation feature.

Further details, technical drawings and technical specifications can be found in our boiler family 2018 brochure below.

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