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On the 8th of February 2016

Biasi LST Concept Radiator Cover Launch

Biasi LST Concept Radiator Cover Launch

Biasi have been in the radiator industry for over 70 years and have manufactured radiators for many of the largest retailers in europe.

We are excited to launch our range of LST radiator covers to compliment our BiasiStyle Radiators.

Made in the UK from 1.5mm steel and complying with NHS and DHSS specifications for safe surface temperature, we are sure this range will make an excellent addition to our product portfolio.

The surface has been designed not to exceed 43 Degrees Celsius and has a rounded top profile so there are no sharp corners. The grills at the top of the radiator and the bottom are a bespoke design and ensure maximum safety with the minimum possible output reduction.

There are 39 different sizes available from stock to cover type 11, 21 and 22 radiators with many more sizes and colours available as a special order with short lead times. All stocked radiators are finished in white RAL 9016. The design ensures installation time is kept to a minimum as all radiator covers are one piece meaning no on site build and no costly plinth extensions.

We offer two options when it comes to controls. A thermostatic radiator valve or TRV can be neatly locked away behind a service door that is positioned on the right hand side of the cover. Alternatively you can choose the Biasi remote sensor TRV that comes with a pre-cut replacement door section to allow the TRV to be positioned neatly to the radiator cover. The TRV can then be set to a minimum or maximum setting to ensure safety, making the radiator 'tamper proof'.

The attachments below include easy installation instructions and our product brochure.

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